[WEBSITE] Integrated Media


Brief description:
A media production house which specializes in producing print, radio, film/television, electronic media and a host of other media related activities.


[WEBSITE] Miss Botswana (2009)


Brief description:
Coverage of the glitzy 2009 Miss Botswana pageant. Including history of the pageant, dating back to the 1960s.



[WEBSITE] GSP Ceilings Botswana


Brief description:
Designers of the internationally renowned range of GSP Ceiling Tile Products made by decorative ceiling tiles manufacturers under license worldwide.


[WEBSITE] B&W® Evolution


Brief description:
One of the first (if not THE first) non-commercial clothing labels in Botswana, B&W® is made to order which guarantees exclusivity.



[WEBSITE] Storage Solutions


Brief description:
Botswana's sole provider of 24 hour access, high security, self storage for households, company assets, document storage, long term parking and more...



[WEBSITE] Exclusive Insurance Botswana


Brief description:
Exclusive Insurance Solutions was formed to provide insurance solutions that are relevant and consistent with today’s many challenging circumstances.



[WEBSITE] Superfit Gym


Brief description:
Superfit is a 24/7 gym that believes that “Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth”.



[WEBSITE] Greater Gaborone City-Region


Brief description:
The Greater Gaborone City-Region (GGCR) is an emerging city-region within the South Eastern Planning Region of Botswana.



[WEBSITE] Posh Inc


Brief description:
Posh Inc is a formidable player in the entertainment industry of Botswana as well as in the international arena.



[WEBSITE] Botswana Football


Brief description:
Dedicated to all the football news and breaking news in Botswana.



[WEBSITE] Botswana Teachers Union


Brief description:
An independent Teachers Trade Union representing the welfare, interests and values of all teachers - Secondary, Primary and Tertiary



[WEBSITE] Fusion Entertainment


Brief description:
A proubly Botswana entertainment brand that is a first of its kind in terms of nightlife and entertainment trends.



[WEBSITE] The Concept King


Brief description:
Stamp your idea with creativity



[WEBSITE] Paurl Media


Brief description:
Given the current power shortage, unstable electricity supply there is growing demand in the domestic market for emergency backup systems





Brief description:
The service offers mobile phone users instant help in finding service providers from different kinds of fields.





Brief description:
A sister company to its' Botswana counterpart.



[SOFTWARE] : Letshego Financial Services Botswana


Brief description:
DIKARABO is a custom built real-time customer feedback solution. It also runs promotional content.
Customer Feedback System



[SOFTWARE] : Briggs and Associates


Brief description:
Data capture system for collecting airtime vendor information throughout Botswana.
Data Capture System



[SOFTWARE] : Stanbic Bank


Brief description:
Stanbic Bank customers were able to give feedback via a touchscreen on a kiosk.
DIKARABO : Customer Feedback System





Brief description:
An interactive and informative floor plan system for guiding visitors from the entrance an to exhibitors stall location.
Interactive Floorplan



[SOFTWARE] : BAC Tertiary Education Fair 2013 Information Kiosks


Brief description:
Interactive kiosks, loaded with BAC course information, also added an electronic form for collecting potential students' information via the touchscreen.



[SOFTWARE + Lanyards with tags] : Public Service Day 2013 Delegate registration and tags


Brief description:
Development of unique barcode tags for delagates, capable of being scanned at the entry, thereby performing a registration and log file simultaneously.





Brief description:
Designed and produced animation for FNB Smart Device Loan launch - 3 September 2015
Motion graphics and animation



[MOTION GRAPHICS + ANIMATION] : First Issues - Season 3


Brief description:
Designed and produced graphics along with 2D/3D animation for a financial Tv show
Motion graphics and animation (Tv show)
  Airs weekly, Tuesdays at 1930hrs on Btv



[MOTION GRAPHICS + ANIMATION] : Exclusive Insurance Solutions


Brief description:
Designed and produced video promotion of products and services offered by Exclusive Insurance Solutions.
Motion graphics and animation (Products and Services)
  December 2015



[STILL GRAPHICS] : Liberty Life Botswana


Brief description:
Designed invitation cards for Cocktail event at Liberty Life Botswana
Spring Cocktail session invitation cards



[STILL GRAPHICS] : Digital Experience


Brief description:
Crazy opening specials for Digital Experience
SAMSUNG products flyer



[LOGO DESIGN] : Fusion Entertainment Logo


Brief description:
A logo depicting the Fusion Entertainment concept
Fusion Entertainment





Brief description:
Sky Lounge Membership card production.
Sky Lounge Membership Card